Custom protein expression starting from 2500 € for 2,5 mg

Our Protein Expression and Purification Services is an integrated platform that can take your project directly from gene synthesis to protein expression, refolding and purification. Challenging expression project are tackled 360°, the key features of our service are:

  • Multiple Expression Systems: bacterial, yeast, baculovirus/insect and eukaryotic systems
  • Broad choice of Purification Systems: affinity chromatography (GST, IMAC, and protein A, G, and L), size exclusion chromatography, ion exchange, multi-dimension liquid chromatography.
  • Refolding protocol for insoluble protein: parameter screening, on-column refolding, fast-dilution refolding.
  • Strict quality control: western blot, MS/MS and circular dichroism

Our All-included Bundle Packages  includes:

  • Gene subcloning in different expression plasmid to identify the best vector for your protein (see our seminal paper here),
  • Expression screening by our patent-pending optimization technique (here you can get a glipse of it),
  • Protein expression scale-up,
  • Protein Purification & QC.


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