E. coli production process optimization and scale-up

Explora can optimize your protein expression improving simultaneously protein yield, solubility and cellular localization using its proprietary and patent-pending algorithm (have a look to our case study here). Process optimization involves the simultaneous optimization of several parameters (e.g. suitable carbon and energy sources, nitrogen sources, other key macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, and the effects of inducers/repressors of enzyme production temperature and process variables such as pH, dissolved oxygen, Pressure, agitation and stirring effects) which defines high-dimensional experimental space that cannot be exhaustively explored experimentally. In addition, the simultaneous optimization of different parameters often results in trade-off between parameters’ optima and global optima. This set of trade-off designs is known as a Pareto set and requires appropriate statistical tools. To tackle the problem, we develped a aptent-pending algorithm to search experimental space for global optima.
Moreover, once the optimal conditions are identified we can scale-up the fermentation process up to 20L under non-GMP condition. In collaboration with our partners, the fermentation process can be scaled up to 2000 L production volume under GMP conditions.

You provide us:

  • your target protein cloned into a ready-to-express vector

We deliver you:

  • Identification of critical process parameters
  • Development of nutrient feed strategies
  • Detailed protocol for optimal expression of your protein
  • Pilot plant design
  • Scale-up design


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