Explora is engaged in several proprietary and partnered research programs for the development of innovative tools for the Life Sciences sector. Explora actively pursues scientific and commercial partnerships for the development of joint projects. Explora also offers the transfer of its proprietary technologies to its clients in view of technology access fees, license payments, developmental milestones, and royalties on end products.

Computation & Systems Biology


We deploy the latest statistical and mathematical tools to analyze and model complex biological systems from single metabolic pathways to complex gene expression profiles. Our expertise includes stochastic, deterministic and hybrid modeling approaches for whole cell and tissue simulation. Statistical analysis of gene expression and protein PTM profiles. Our R&D program focuses on the evolution of biological systems by capturing the dynamical relations among elements and emergence of collective properties and we are proud to team up with the EU consortium LIAR to advance biological modelling to the ecosystem level.


DNA Technology

Synthetic Genes

We have more than 10 years experience in Gene Libraries Design & Synthesis for enzyme engineering and expression optimization. Our latest addition is a full-fledge gene expression platform to monitor protein expression in vivo. We further extend our capability by integrating protein signature/pattern scan, homology modelling, docking and molecular dynamics for custom protein design. Our R&D program focuses on the development of a synthetic biology toolkit that integrated synthesis and modelling to speed-up forward engineering of biological systems.


Protein Technology & Bioinformatics

Custom Protein Expression

We pioneered the use of culture media optimization and multi-dimensional liquid chromatography to bring protein expression and purification to the next level. We also are one of the few ISO-certified company to offer protein labeling and cross-linking for small scale and preclinical studies.  Our R&D program focuses on the design and engineering immune-suppressive protein (ISP) and we are flattered to have been chosen as main providers of ISP for the EU consortia NEXT and DRIVE.


Experimental Models


Our team of surgeons, vets, radiologist, biologists and technicians develop and deliver experimental model to advance novel therapeutic options. We have a long-track of records in GLP studies for safety and efficacy assessment of medical device and advanced-therapy medicinal product (ATMP). Our R&D program focuses on the development of clinically reflective models in the field of cardiovascular disease and diabetes and we are proud to provide our services to forefront EU consortia such as THEGRAIL, DRIVE and AMCARE