Microbial strain adaptation starting from 750€

Microbes show a surprisingly capability to adapt to changing environments, this is due to the possibility for a given genotype to express remarkably different phenotypes. Indeed, any given phenotype can be regarded as a fixed-point attractor in the phenotype space. When properly perturbed, microbes can “jump” from one attractor to another thus displaying different “attitudes” (i.e. phenotypes) toward experimental conditions such as temperature, pH, contaminants and solvent concentration.
This feature of microbes allows to optimize a given strain to specific experimental condition without the need for extensive genetic engineering significantly shortening experimental time. At Explora we have learnt how to trigger phenotype “jumps” so that we can induce strain adaptation to meet your process technical requirements.

You provide us:

  • your target protein transformed into a strain of your choice
  • process technical requirements you want the strain to be adapted to

We deliver you:

  • Identification of critical process parameters
  • One or more adapted strain as glycerol stock


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