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Whether you plan to investigate structure-activity relationship or modify proteins activity, synthetic gene libraries are the tool of choice. A library is designed and constructed to sample a specific set of sequence variations which are subsequently screened to identify variants with improved or novel properties. Explora provides six dynamic library options to enable you to focus your time directly on your research while quickly achieving significant results:

Alanine scanning replace one or more wild-type amino acid with alanine to investigate the contribution of an individual amino acid sidechain to the functionality of the protein.

Combinatorial libraries allows the simultaneous degeneration of multiple codons to achieve maximum diversity to identify proteins variants where epistatic and long-range effects play a major role.

Site-directed mutagenesis Specified mutations at one or more specific locations to rationally engineer protein activity such as Kcat, Km, allosteric features, substrate specificity, enhanced stability to pH, temperature and solvents.

Site-saturated libraries intriduce 19 non wild-type substitutions at one or more specific locations to identify favorable amino acid substitutions at specified residues.

Truncation libraries are generated by by trimming 5′ and 3′ ends of a gene to identify core structures responsable for solubility, immunogenicity or structural characteriztics.

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